Keep Sensitive Data Secure And Portable

The Kinetic Ledger provides a cryptographically secure, truly tamper-evident seal for your data. Data can be securely written to private networks and secured via leading protocols using flexibly permissioned channels to provide any number of independent, single purpose ledgers. By dynamically moving nodes from cloud to cloud and across protocols, decentralization is at the core of the infrastructure level. Kinetic Ledger, powered by Blockdaemon, is multi-cloud by default supporting Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and Quorum.

Data validation that is proven and recorded.

Data can be securely written to the Kinetic Leger via easily activated integrations for existing applications, data pipelines, and ERP systems.

Tamper-Evident Seal For Your Records

Enterprises can now easily write, read and validate data through a simple, secure data pipeline.There’s no need to abandon proven systems for risky new implementations that may jeopardize regulatory compliance. A simple setup process takes the pain out of technology choice and chooses the right protocol for your needs. Your data stays as private as your needs may demand — simply snapshotted periodically into other ledgers for truly immutable accountability without the risk of leaking sensitive information due to complex implementations.

Reduce Vendor Lock-In Through Decentralization

Privacy, security, and accountability are more important than ever for enterprise data, but the technology stack has never been more confusing. Users and regulators have matured and require responsible, secure management of sensitive data. Protocol and service choice are a confusing mishmash of options, and there are few developers qualified or knowledgeable to implement a secure, robust and regulatory compliant solution. With Kinetic Ledger, you have the flexibility to add your own nodes to the protocols you choose, keeping decentralization up and data secure. By not being centralized, the data is more portable allowing you to move your data, change the runtime configs, and avoid vendor lock-in.

Integrates With Existing Systems

The Kinetic Ledger easily integrates to existing data reservoirs and ERP systems via simple integrations and APIs. Legacy systems do not need to be overhauled or abandoned at extreme expense and risk — they can simply be augmented. Provide additional certification and assurance by using a decentralized authority to run real data validation reports. Kinetic Ledger keeps sensitive data secure and allows enterprises to sidestep the complexity of researching and implementing a protocol and can know their data is protected and accurate.

Transparency And Reliability

Multi-Cloud By Default

Cloud providers offer the promise of turnkey solutions — but you’re locked into a single ecosystem. The Kinetic Ledger seamlessly spans multiple cloud providers and geographies and even requires portability of your data should you choose to discontinue service. If you have exiting data pipelines and streams that use tools provided by leading clouds, those can be included as sources of data for your ledger.

Decentralized by Design

Centralized sources of authority require absolute trust in a single entity. The Kinetic Ledger allows for multi-party transactions which do not require absolute trust in a single source. All facts can be verified by consortium participants, independent auditors who observe transactions, or counterparties. Multi-party finance can be simplified by inviting multiple vendors to write into the same ledger which creates a shared, secure, tamper-proof system of record for complex transactions.

Simple, Evidence-Based Reporting

When reviews are required, any entry on the ledger can be reviewed and confirmed. Irregularities are made evident immediately. Easy report generation that certifies the authenticity and accuracy of records in the system at a specific point in time.

Utilizing Trusted Industry Standard Systems

Kinetic Ledger uses Kubernetes, a production-grade container orchestration system, to ensure high SLAs and consistent uptime via horizontal and vertical scaling. No proprietary, untested toolsets are used, only industry standard, tested tooling proven by countless cloud software deployments.

Regular Cryptographic Snapshots

Cryptographic security is important — but if it is provided by a single source, it is still possible to falsify records. The Kinetic Ledger snapshots data regularly to public cryptographic ledgers, which supply a wholly independent verification of records submitted. 

Independently Accountable for Reliable Audits

When a need to audit arises, records can be compared to the historic record and proven to have been unaltered — speeding resolutions. All data is independently verifiable with failure being quickly evident and conclusively proven. You also have the flexibility to create single transaction chains for a specific period of time which can be dismantled, stored and verified.

Many Uses Of Kinetic Ledger

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Retail Purchase Orders

A large retailer requires all their vendors write invoice data to Kinetic Ledger. Any transaction can now be reported on based a variety of IDs or time, and a report can be automatically generated. When either party disputes a transaction, Kinetic Ledger has all the data, can generate a specific report and can insure it has not changed.

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Single-Use Transactions

Kinetic Ledger enables transparent creation of single-use blockchains on the fly, optimized for the data and use case, no matter what protocol. Connect existing data reservoirs to the Kinetic Ledger. Enterprise-grade encryption combined with multi-cloud decentralization ensures data security and independent verification allowing enterprises to take advantage of the power of multiple blockchains without costly custom development.

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Digital Pipeline Integrity

Final delivery to theatres, dailies, edit lists and early comps are all examples of ways Kinetic Ledger can ensure data integrity and accessibility. Each delivery location can keep up to date specs on show to deliver without leaking any information and only sharing with necessary parties.